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You can apply for a job opening, by sending an email to with the referenced title of the individual job advertisement and the CV attached.

After submitting your CV and application in our recruitment system, your profile will be reviewed to ensure that your skills and experience meet the essential criteria for the role you have applied for. Our recruitment process ensures that all applicants are reviewed on a fair and equal basis.

Once the most suitable candidates have been identified, each candidate will be contacted directly and be invited to participate in an interview.


If we see a potential match between you and a position, you will be invited for an interview at a Pasapan location or through an online telephone call. For some positions, the initial interview to learn more about your capabilities and skills will also be a telephone/Skype interview.

As a candidate, your experience is important to us, which is why the interview will always include an introduction to Pasapan as well as thorough insight to the potential role and department you are interviewing for.