PASAPAN offers its extensive experience and technical capacity for road, highway, viaduct, tunnel and urban development projects. Global construction projects entail many fazes, from excavation, drainage and final decision making, to signposting, containment systems and finally, traffic control.


Ticket dispensers
Lamp posts and traffic lights

Acoustic screens /Anti-noise barriers
Signalling panels

Fixed signal display panels
Variable signal display panels

Wall/surface recoating
Tolling systems

Variable message panels
Inner city vertical signposting for tourists


  • Street lights
  • Energy Networks
  • Energy and lightning installations
  • lighting poles installations
  • Energy: medium and low voltage, Emergency and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Emergency lightning systems
  • Light control
  • Ventilation: transverse, longitudinal and filter
  • Ambiental sound
  • Fire detection and extinguisher
  • Communication and radio communication Networks
  • Emergency and communication poles
  • Systems ans intallation integrated