PASAPAN provides solutions for the Generation, Transport and Distribution of all energy types – from initial calculations and engineering to Process Automation, Control, and industrial operations.


Photovoltaic Fixed Structures
One and two Axis Tracking
Wind Turbines

Automatic Cleaning Systems
Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) StructuresEnergy
Inverters and Photovoltaic Modules

Electrical Substations
Geothermal Drilling

Charging Bays for electronic vehicles
Low and Medium power Switchgear
Concrete and steel support structures for energy distribution and transport


  • Engineering and Software Development
  • Structures and lines calculations
  • Mounting and installations
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Energetic technologies
  • Detail and conceptual Engineering
  • Trace Analysis
  • Electrical support structures manufacturing
  • Energy storage technology: molten-Salts and Innovation