PASAPAN provides telecommunication solutions for both military and civilian purposes. Mobile telephone stations, telephone lines, wifi and radio technology facilitate connectivity in large cities, seaports and airports.


Steel and concrete cabins, equipment and supplies for prefab cabins.
Mobile communication and advanced-control equipment

Communication towers
Filters and multiplexers

Biconic antennas
Hidden/camouflaged towers

Antifreeze for satellite communication systems
Antenna support towers and meteorological masts

Mobile radar towers and aerial signalling structures


  • Control centres for ground, naval and airspace operations
  • Design and construction of radar towers
  • Maritime boarder security
  • Navigation and control support for airspace defence
  • Mobile communication networks and Trunking networks
  • Installation and maintenance of heating systems
  • Access solutions
  • Network coverage within tunnels
  • Cobertura de señal en túneles